Xeros Cleaning Technologies has announced that from the 10th of July 2018 the company will be rebranded as Hydrofinity, unveiling its new identity at the Hotel Show Africa where it was exhibiting with its local partner fanute.

However, while their brand is changing, their goals remain constant – reducing the consumption of natural resources in laundry and fabric care, primarily in the hospitality, leisure and commercial laundry. Hydrofinity provides sustainable laundry and fabric care solutions to these traditionally water-intensive industries; reducing customer costs, improving laundry performance and linen life.

Mike Ferrand, Hydrofinity Managing Director, says of the company’s name change: “Our choice of new company name represents our key objective of helping to sustain the world’s water supplies for current and future generations. We must work to tackle global water crises now and can no longer take water for granted.”

Hydrofinity is driven by the principle that water is both essential and precious. By helping their customers reduce their environmental footprint while creating cost savings in their laundry operations, Hydrofinity believes that they’ll begin to change the conversation in commercial laundry to focus on water conservation and sustainability.

Sustainability is now an integral component of hospitality business strategies. Increased water rates, greater environmental awareness among travellers, and a continued focus on cost and operational efficiencies have hotels looking at all aspects of their operations, including laundry.

Hoteliers investing in emerging conservation technologies are reaping cost and operational benefits, whilst lowering their environmental footprint and meeting sustainability targets


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