We take a look at some of the latest releases in the beverage market from Fitch & Leedes and Roku Gin, as well as a new book from Sandalene Dale Roberts and an eco-friendly sugar sachet from Natura Sugars.

Roku Gin

In its distinctive hexagonal bottle, Roku Gin is one of the first Japanese gins to hit South Africa’s shores. The gin is produced by the Suntory brand, one of the country’s most awarded spirits producers, and its flavour profile includes six traditional and seasonal botanicals, inspiring the gin’s name Roku (meaning six) as well as its six-sided shape. The six Japanese botanicals are Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel, Sencha tea, Gyokuro tea and Sansho pepper. In a 750ml bottle at 43% ABV, Roku is available at a recommended retail price of R299 in major retailers nationally.


Natura Sugars Recyclable Sugar Sachets

Natura Sugars’ unrefined Blonde and Demerara Sugars are now available in recyclable sachets. The sachets are made from BOPP, which is a plastic that can be recycled. Traditionally, sugar sachets are made from a paper laminate which cannot be recycled. “We are very proud and extremely excited about our new range of special sugars, saving the planet one sugar sachet at a time,” says Natura Sugars founder, Shaheen Rajabally. Natura Sugars have undergone minimal processing and use traditional methods to “lock in the natural molasses and health benefits of sugarcane”.

Fitch & Leedes available in 750ml

Fitch & Leedes’ mixers, including Indian Tonic, Pink Tonic, Club Soda, Bitter Lemon, Lemonade and Cheeky Cranberry, are now available in 750ml glass bottles. They’re available nationwide at a recommended retail price of between R34 to R37.

The Inside Job by Sandalene Dale Roberts

Sandalene Dale Roberts is the design mind behind the interiors, fashion and furniture of her husband Chef Luke Dale Roberts’ well-known restaurants The Test Kitchen, The Pot Luck Club, The Commissary, Salsify and The Shortmarket Club. In launching her new book The Inside Job, she takes readers on a visual journey through the front and back of house, showcasing all of the people that make the award-winning restaurants tick and giving insight into its inner-workings. And of course, there are recipes! The Inside Job is available at all of LDR & Co Restaurants and is priced at R977.50.

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