The Crafter extends your guests a very warm welcome. With its spacious interior, the Crafter is glad to be of service.

Perfect for shuttling guests in and around the city, to and from the airport, and back and forth from the winelands, the Volkswagen Crafter is economical, functional and reliable. The 2017 International Van of the Year has a host of specially-designed features that make it as comfortable for the driver as it will for its passengers.

In order to better understand the needs of its customers, Volkswagen’s engineers accompanied a large number of drivers while they worked. From couriers, construction drivers and long-distance travellers, all were monitored by Volkswagen engineers to see how best to design the Volkswagen Crafter’s systems. This has led to The Crafter being equipped with innovative, practical and electronic solutions for the individual challenges that every driver faces in their 9 to 5. And from a hospitality point of view, it’s good to know that your driver can face a variety of obstacles with guests in tow.

The Crafter comes with an extraordinarily large number of optional active driver assistance systems, such as a parking assistant (Park Assist) and an assistant for manoeuvring a trailer (Trailer Assist). Other optional assistance systems include the “ACC Follow to Stop” adaptive cruise control system and the Front Assist emergency braking system. Standard features include the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, the side wind assistant and driver alert system. Available passive safety systems include – along with front, side and head airbags for the driver and front passenger – a reversing camera (optional), Rear Traffic Alert (optional), and sensor-based side protection (optional) that was specially developed for the new Crafter. Finally, optional LED headlights and cornering lights ensure a clear view of the road ahead at night.

The 2017 International Van of the Year has a host of specially-designed features that make it as comfortable for the driver as it will for its passengers.

Moreover, the ergonomics of the driver’s workplace have been optimised. The new Crafter’s standard features include electric windows, central locking with wireless remote control and practical and ergonomically designed storage features for a mobile phone, laptop and tablet, folding rule and working gloves.

It’s not just the driver and its passengers that Volkswagen’s engineers care about, it’s also the environment. The Crafter’s fundamentally new exterior design give the model improved consumption and emission figures. The extremely reliable engine, which is designed for both local and long-distance operation, ensures downtime is never a problem. The Crafter also scores points with its robustness and low maintenance and repair costs, all of which have a positive effect on total cost of ownership over the vehicle life cycle.

The dimensions of The Crafter enable maximum utility. While it has capacity for large amounts of cargo on the inside, it has minimal external dimensions which makes it easy to manoeuvre and solid in its handling, all while carrying multiple bags and suitcases.


  • Maximum permitted weight of 5.0 metric tonnes
  • Maximum cargo volume of 17.5 m³
  • Front or rear wheel drive
  • Manual gearbox
  • Safety features: side-wind compensation system, Hill Hold Assist and Automatic Post-Collision Braking System
  • Steering wheel with height and telescoping adjustment

The Crafter comes standard with a 2year/unlimited km Manufacturer Warranty, 5 year/120 000km Genuine Automotion Service Plan and a 12-year anti-corrosion warranty. Service interval is 20 000km.

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