In recognition of International Coffee Day, Uber Eats are giving us the scoop on what their customers are ordering when they need a caffeinated pick-up.

  • According to Uber Eats, latte coffee is the most popular coffee for South Africans followed by the Americano.
  • South Africans are ordering ‘comfort coffees’ with tasty customisations, as well as pairing their coffee with unusual foods.
  • Tens of thousands of coffees are now delivered through the app every week, making for a comprehensive overview of the South African coffee market.
  • Coffee orders have more than doubled since the start of the year as more South Africans opted to work from home due to the lockdown, ordering coffees to their door rather than picking one up on the way into the office.
  • The amount each coffee-drinking customer spent on coffee per month doubled in April, further demonstrating the impact lockdown had on the nation’s caffeine consumption.
  • Milky lattes were the overwhelming favourite, beating americanos, espressos, frappes and cappuccinos, which made up the rest of the top five.
  • Surprisingly, Monday is the least popular day to order coffee. The most popular day to order a coffee is Tuesday.
  • Though coffees are traditionally enjoyed alongside a pastry, thousands of people ordered coffee alongside a portion of chips, while others complimented their caffeine fix with fried chips, sweet potato fries, Pap with Chakalaka, Chicken Mayonnaise Footlong, BBQ Rump Steak and Spicy Lamb Gyoza.
  • The data also revealed that, when considering population, Johannesburg and Pretoria are South Africa’s coffee capitals, with more orders per head than anywhere else in South Africa. In third place was Cape Town, fourth Durban and fifth Polokwane.

Image Credit: Nathan Dumlao/Unsplash

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