Managing a property or venue comes with myriad tasks, so it’s no wonder that cleaning is often out-sourced. However, if your property wants to gain or maintain a green status, have you thought about the chemicals that are used by your cleaning company?

Ian Mac Donald from Teliot Cleaning and Hygiene Services states; “Not enough attention is being paid to the cleaning chemicals being used in our offices, shopping centers, hotels, homes, etc. Many of these chemicals are actually worse for the environment as they impact on our water sources and ultimately impact us and future generations to come.”

One of the ways that properties can make a difference is by choosing contract cleaners that are green, and identifiabe by their GreenTag Certification. This certification ensures that the international standards of green cleaning are being upheld, and that they have the expertise and the product knowledge to ensure that the proper chemical free products are being used. As well as understanding the correct procedures to follow to limit waste and reduce the potential damage to the environment and employees.

“With the water crises we have recently experienced on a global scale, I think it is more important than ever before for managers to be educated with regards to the proper procedures for effective resource management,” confirms John J Coetzee, CEO of Green Worx Cleaning Solutions.

Most properties use a larger amount of resources than the average consumer, resulting in a stronger responsibility to manage resources effectively. As larger establishments use more cleaning products and also house a larger quantity of people. This in turn makes the potential harmful impact of chemical products larger than that of the average consumer.

Mac Donald continues; “As a cleaning company, we often meet with customers who don’t really care what cleaning chemicals their cleaning companies use; all they care about is the cost. We believe and try to educate all our customers and potential customers that we are all responsible for our environment and the impact on our water sources are becoming more severe. We believe that more emphasis needs to be placed on cleaning products by property management companies.”

Utilising green contract cleaners also means that properties are investing in the local economy by supporting South African businesses that use local products. Nkululeko Sibiya from Teliot Cleaning and Hygiene Services confirms that; “… we strive to support local businesses and by doing so we make sure that money spent is kept in the South African Economy”.

Within the current global climate, it seems that giving back to and building the South African economy – while protecting and maintaining natural resources – is required to run an effective and responsible facility.

“Green contract cleaners who use eco-friendly biodegradable products and who understand the proper protocols and cleaning procedures to effectively clean and manage facilities is no longer a nice idea, but rather a necessity,” concludes Coetzee.

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