Looking for exquisite smalls for your kitchen? The Beautiful Life Store in Parkhurst, Johannesburg is now stocking the Ruffoni range. In 1931 grandfather Antonio made his first copper pan which lead to the Ruffoni Company being born in 1962 in Omegna, for centuries the land of coppersmiths and smelters.

Years of hard work allowed the achievement of superior quality and the fulfillment of all international safety standards. In 1984, the first major contract for mass-produced items was received and the first trademark patented.

The Beautiful Life Store carries the Historia Décor Range. The Ruffoni tin lined legendary hand hammered copper cookware re-lives centuries of history, experience and traditions. Hammered from a single sheet of copper this cookware ensures maximum heat conductivity and temperature control. The interior is lined by hand on fire with the purest, durable nonreactive tin. Riveted hand-cast decorated bronze handles with lid knobs add a crowning touch to this unique range of products. Recommended for cooking on a gas stove and is designed for use from oven to table.

For more information, contact The Beautiful Life Store on (011) 327 2677.

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