There’s no doubt that South Africans have always loved their tea, but recent trends have seen a renewed interest in teas for a variety of different reasons – and it’s worth paying attention to, especially if you’re in the accommodation industry. One of the main drivers is an increased interest in wellness which has seen consumers moving away from drinks that they perceive as harmful, because of the beverage’s alcohol, caffeine or sugar content.

Tailoring their offering to the hospitality market, Tetley – the world’s second largest tea brand – has created its premium envelope and tag range. The individually packaged teabags are perfect for the hospitality and eventing industries as each wrapped teabag retains its freshness while being displayed either in-room or in dining spaces. Plus, guests can immediately recognise a brand that is growing in popularity in SA.

“South Africans love strong tea,” says Jonathan Kesley, Tetley’s Tea Master. “We use an all African blend of teas for Tetley that delivers a full-bodied flavour that caters perfectly for the South African palate.” The full Tetley range will be available individually wrapped, including the two new additions to the Tetley tea family – Tetley Earl Grey and Tetley Lemon-flavoured.

“Extending our range into flavoured Black tea was the natural next step to offer our growing community of Tetley fans even more flavour and more choice,” says Kesley. The newly launched Tetley Earl Grey tea delivers the full-bodied flavour of Tetley black tea combined with the subtle citrus notes of Bergamot. The Tetley Lemon-flavoured tea is both refreshing and invigorating offering all the trademark flavour of Tetley black tea infused with a burst of zesty lemon.

Whether you’re a guesthouse owner or hotelier, your guests will be spending a fair amount of time under your roof with many opportunities for guests to enjoy a cuppa during the day – from in-room relaxing to decadent afternoon teas, revitalising breakfast pick-me-ups to after-dinner unwinding. That’s a host of opportunities to offer your guests something new and innovative from a brand that’s going from strength to strength, with 1000s of South Africans switching to Tetley since it arrived on our shores.

Tetley’s growing popularity is no doubt down to its offer of premium quality at an affordable price. The tea is meticulously sourced and authentically brewed by Kesley, whose tongue and tastebuds are insured for R5 million, but the tea remains cost-effective.

And now, Tetley has made it even easier for the hospitality sector, from BnBs to Boutique Hotels, to access their range of tea. From the 1st of September, businesses can simply log on to to place their order – a convenient way to make sure that a great cup of tea is within everyone’s reach.

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