Pictured sourced from Piza e Vino

We’ve seen some innovative ideas coming out of restaurants when it comes to ticking the boxes to create a safe space for their guests. While it might seem easy enough to space out tables, some restaurants – especially the larger ones – find that it leads to a room feeling empty, and doesn’t create a cosy vibe.

One such solution comes from Piza e Vino – and it’s collaborated with the Teddy Bear Foundation to do some good at the same time. Giant teddy bears are seated at tables to make sure there’s a good distance between living, breathing guests. Once lockdown rules are loosened and social distancing is not a priority, the bears will get a good wash and be donated to the Teddy Bear Foundation to keep a child in need company while they’re feeling vulnerable.

The Teddy Bear Foundation was created in 1986 to support sexually abused children with services such as medical examinations and counselling. As gender based violence has increased since the beginning of lockdown, Piza e Vino decided to put the spotlight on the good work that the Teddy Bear Foundation does, through its social distancing teddies. Diners are encouraged to donate R100, which will go towards buying a brand new bear for the Teddy Bear Foundation.

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