As we move into level 3 of lockdown, which allows food to be collected and not just delivered, we take a look at some of the takeaway menus and models that restaurants have put in place. Many restaurants are also offering some really interesting innovations, riffing off their sit-in menus to create a new offering for dining at home. Here, we chat with Chef Peter Tempelhoff about his operations at FYN.

FYN | Chef Peter Tempelhoff

Why did you decide to open up for takeaways? Sitting back and waiting was not an option. I have mouths to feed, staff to look after, landlords to pay and suppliers to keep in business – we did this knowing that we are going to be out of our comfort zone – but that we have to make it work.

Tell us about your operations? We are operating within the letter of the law; only 33% of our staff are allowed to work, we adhere to strict cleaning and sanitizing procedures, we keep social distancing in the kitchen by having such a small team, and we monitor staff for any change in health and wellbeing regularly. The way we run is similar to our normal operations in the kitchen, with the only real difference being that we have designed the menu to be packaged up and carried out of the restaurant. The real change has come in the Front of House where we have major adjustments, in that we now need to serve the food to the guest in a box, as opposed to the guest coming to us. This requires different planning and different thought processes, a challenge we have accepted and are making the most of.

How will deliveries be handled? Our deliveries are being done by our waiters and barmen, as we decided as a company that paying someone 30% to deliver for us is not in the best interest of our company, our staff nor the food.

What sort of packaging are you using and why? We have had to use a combination of biodegradeables, paper and PET plastic as unfortunately our applications don’t allow for all bios due to integrity and final presentation.

What has the feedback from the public been to your being open? Feedback has been nothing short of amazing, the guests we have delivered to are really happy knowing we are able to trade again and are able get FYN food to their door and that it is as delicious as it is in the restaurant.

On the FYN menu:

Fyn Experience (R595 per person):

  • Pickled daikon & Japanese rice bran cucumbers
  • Daikon radish roll, sancho mayo, chili, aged soy gel
  • Vin de Constance Mosbolletjies, fynbos butter
  • Kaseki Style Starter
    • Tuna tataki, seaweed rice salad, spicy chirizu sauce
    • Foie gras, chicken & eel terrine, white Ponzu, dressed leeks
    • Seared wagyu beef, black garlic pesto, onion & sea lettuce sambal
  • Seared Cape salmon trout, soba noddle, blue Pacific prawns, miso sauce; or
  • Grilled springbok loin, African polenta, miso corn, young spinach
  • ‘Camembert’ cheesecake, yuzu quince, pine nut biscotti
  • Chocolate truffle

Fyn Family Meal (R295 per person):

  • Vin De Constance Mosbolletjies, fynbos butter
  • Free range Boran beef Wellington, roast carrots & shallots, truffle jus (Wellington requires baking)
  • Green salad, herb vinaigrette
  • Chocolate & hazelnut brownie, raspberries, yuzu crème fraiche
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