Sustainable Showcase: Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

In the next in our sustainable showcase series, where we partner with fanute to profile some of the most eco-friendly properties around the world and highlight what they’re doing to be more sustainable, we take a closer look at the Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel in Switzerland.

In the heart of the Alps, Whitepod provides guests an opportunity to get away from busy bars and restaurants and embrace the quiet stillness of the Swiss Alps. Whitepod is located at 1400m altitude, with bedroom accommodation in 18 separate pods – each a dome-shaped tent that offers all the luxury and comfort one would expect from a hotel. Creating the perfect space to enjoy the natural surroundings, each dome comes with a wood-burning stove and organic bedding, bathroom with shower and toilet, as well as an outdoor terrace from which to enjoy the expansive views of the Alps from outside your pod.


While each pod is pure luxury, guests are always aware of their surroundings; Whitepod is an immersive experience. Each of the pods are located about 15 minutes-walk from the reception, and upon check in guests receive a backpack with a map, headlamp and walking sticks. Guests are encouraged to bring shoes and clothing appropriate for mountain surrounds.

However, the benefit of this is not purely experiential – Whitepod’s eco-logic focus ensures that motorised transport is limited for both guests and staff, who live nearby and simply walk to work. The property was first created in 2004, and it set out to show that hospitality and environmental conservation could work hand in hand. Not only that, they could create a unique and positive experience.

Water and energy consumption are also controlled. Fireplaces, which use wood pellets, in the pods and communal areas, are closed which slows down the pellet consumption. Water-saving devices are used on taps and showerheads, and water boilers have timers installed. Local spring water is used throughout, and wood is sourced from the surrounding forests. As for wastage, goods are purchased in bulk reducing packaging, and organic and non-organic waste is sorted on site. Night lighting is limited, and the colour of the pods are adjusted according to each season – white in winter and green in summer. The pods themselves can be dismantled and removed, leaving little trace of the hotel behind.


The hotel prides itself in raising guests’ awareness in the surrounding flora and fauna, with activities such as hiking (with or without a dog or guide) across 25km of signposted trails, dogsledding and paragliding on offer. Local wine and meat suppliers are used where possible – if not, suppliers are restricted to those from Europe. Products used are seasonal and only MSC certified sustainable fish is served up in the on-site restaurant. 100% biodegradable cleaning products are used, as well as FSC-certified paper.

With structures that place minimal stress on the environment and encourage guests to engage with the environment, plus a focus on sustainability through minimal water and electricity use, Whitepod is a wonderful example of how simple eco-friendliness and sustainability can be – and how hospitality doesn’t have to come second.

How are you embracing sustainability in your establishment? We’d love to hear your stories! Send an email to and tell us more.

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