The Saxon Hotel, Villas & Spa offers a completely immersive experience, whether guests are popping in for a business meeting or splashing out for dinner at Chef Candice Philip’s restaurant Grei. That feeling of immersion has a lot to do with the chauffeur-driven ride from the car park to entrance, the luscious gardens that surround the hotel, as well as the relaxing atmosphere throughout the hotel that makes one feel that they’re as far from the city as can be. Saxon’s spa takes all of this to another level, and another level further with the Molton Brown Signature Journey.

Developed by Spa Manager Tanya Lopes, the 90-minute, multi-sensory treatment is set in the evocative and candlelit Hammam Signature Suite. The treatment showcases a range of Molton Brown products and offers a healing combination of exfoliation, steam and massage techniques that boost circulation, detoxification, skin renewal and overall relaxation.

“The Saxon has had a longstanding relationship with Molton Brown International,” says Tanya. “As the brand developed, the opportunity arose when their Signature Range of Orange and Bergamont offered a complete range we could develop a treatment from.  As Molton Brown is a bath and body line, I believed the best room to showcase the beautiful products would be in our specially designed Hammam wet treatment room.”

After the experience was conceptualised, Tanya worked together with one of the Saxon’s experienced therapists to create the perfect experience, which she presented to Molton Brown on a trip to London and got the go-ahead. “The treatment was launched in May this year and the common feedback is that the treatment is exceptionally relaxing but reviving at the same time.”

We had the chance to experience the treatment, and what an experience it was! It begins with a soothing foot ritual while seated in the Hammam, sipping on a warm cup of detoxifying Turkish Rize Tea. This allows you to take in the warm and calm surroundings before moving to the central granite slab where the bulk of the treatment takes place. Then, there’s light exfoliation with Natural Marine loofah on dry skin to stimulate blood flow and remove dead skin cells, followed by full body exfoliation with the Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Body Scrub.  Uplifting citrus aromas fill the treatment room even more when the Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Body Wash is used to clean the skin, before the Vichy showers rain down and rinse off the gel.

A hair and scalp treatment follows, with purifying shampoo and conditioner and an incredible scalp massage. The body is rinsed again with the Vichy shower rains – but this time the temperature of the water is cooled, awakening blood circulation. Next up is the steam room, positioned just next to the granite slab, where muscles are warmed up and loosened in preparation for the next part of the treatment, the body massage.

Deep breathing and Thai-inspired stretching techniques kick off this section of the treatment, followed by a deep pressure massage with the Molton Brown Orange and Bergamot Body Oil. Crystal therapy is integrated into the massage, using uplifting and energising carnelian crystals and balancing brown jasper crystals. To finish off the treatment, an application of Orange and Bergamot Body Lotion is applied to the body, allowing the beautiful, revitalising scent to linger for the rest of the day.

From beginning to end, the experience is truly special – a fully immersive treatment that invites the participant to just relax, let go and enjoy. To find out more on the Saxon’s Molton Brown Signature Journey, click here.

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