The Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa is proud to share the brand-new technology introduced at the hotel to improve our guests’ experience: a bespoke mobile phone app for a contactless and touchless Saxon experience, new cutting-edge all-in-one screens to assist conferences in our meeting rooms, a newly installed dynamic and energy-saving lighting system throughout the hotel as well as virtual fitness and wellness classes that can be enjoyed in the privacy of guests’ own hotel suites.

The Saxon App

We are delighted to offer Saxon guests a new and exciting contactless and touchless experience at the hotel with the newly developed bespoke Saxon Hotel app. The wealth of experience from operating the Saxon Hotel for 21 years and the changed travel environment have been combined and have resulted in the launch of our own beautifully designed app, integrated with operating systems at the hotel to offer a seamless guest journey.

This exciting new bespoke app allows guests access to a wide range of hotel services at the click of a button from their own personal devices. Guests have the option to check-in online, use their phone as their hotel suite key, make a restaurant booking, or order room service to name a few. All the menus of our dining outlets can be perused on the app, and guests can also explore the spa offering as well as make spa bookings with the use of this technology.

Guests will be able to browse newspapers and reading material as well as interact with the Saxon team through the app via the chatbox or send direct messages to one’s own butler, reception, housekeeping or maintenance — with a special section ‘Saxon Concierge Recommends’ allowing guests to plan and book excursions in and around Johannesburg with the help of our knowledgeable concierge. Additionally, the app is fully integrated to allow use of the guest’s own device to contact hotel extensions using their own phone instead of the telephone in the hotel suite.

The Saxon app can be found in the Apple and Android app stores under ‘Saxon Hotel App’ and can be used by all; many of the features are available for use even if you are not staying at the hotel or do not have a reservation yet. Click here to watch the launch video for the app.

Saxon Conference Upgrades

During this past year, it has been clear that the need for meetings is even more present, and that virtual and hybrid meetings are here to stay. The Saxon Hotel conference facilities have been upgraded to meet this need, and now include premium, interactive screens, and video conferencing facilities. Cutting-edge interaction technology by MaxHub has been introduced in the Saxon Boardroom, Conference A & B as well as an extra-large screen in the Dining Library; it wirelessly integrates the functions of the camera, projector, whiteboard, microphone, and more. In addition, 2 mobile Maxhub screens are available for use in the Convention Lounge or other areas in the hotel. Saxon conference guests are now able to meet locally and/or collaborate remotely, with the solution seamlessly integrating virtual and in-person meetings.

Video conferencing will now be much easier with the use of the Maxhub as it is easy to connect to any device with the wireless screen sharing dongle, it offers impressive sound technology making sure that sound waves travel directly to participants and does not bounce off the floor and has enhanced camera capacity showing speaker and participants with impressive clarity on the screen.

The interactive flat panel smart display allows conferencing guests to write easily and naturally with the use of a stylus or hand write directly on the screen as well as erase errors by simply moving the palm of their hand across the screen – making it the perfect solution for collaborative brainstorming sessions. The system also wirelessly integrates devices onto a single platform, whether they be PC, Mac, or Android, eliminating the need for various cables and connections. All presentations and brainstorm sessions can be saved directly from the MaxHub onto a personal device and shared seamlessly with conference attendees.

The new Maxhubs have already been extremely popular with our conferencing guests since reopening on 1°t May and the feedback regarding its ease of use and the benefits of its video-conferencing capabilities within a hybrid-meeting environment especially has been fantastic.

New Lighting System in Hotel

The Saxon is committed to a comprehensive green efficiency programme, and as part of this core value we are proud to announce that a new lighting system has been installed throughout the hotel, in all public space and suites. The Saxon has partnered with Lutron to introduce the Energy Saving Lighting system across the property. We are the first hotel in Africa to offer the full Lutron Lighting control solution.

The lighting system has simple-to-use intuitive interfaces, allowing guests to control the lights in-suite to set their preferred lighting scene whilst at the same time reducing energy usage through the introduction of occupancy sensors – the lighting system will turn off the lights in a suite once no movement has been detected for 30 minutes. In further upgrades to be effected in the next few weeks, the system will have the lighting in the suite return to the preferred settings with same lights switching on automatically upon the guest re-entering their suite.

The Lutron system further plays a role in regulating the ambient room temperature particularly when the guest has left the room, which again reduces energy consumption.

Earth + Sky virtual fitness and wellness classes

In keeping with the worldwide trend towards wellness and mindfulness, the Saxon has partnered with Earth + Sky, to offer virtual fitness and wellness classes for our guests to utilise in the privacy of their suites. A wide variety of classes, to stimulate the mind and body, will be available at any time — perfect for travellers who have become used to doing exercise classes at home and for jet lag sufferers looking for some training.

This exciting service from Earth + Sky is not available anywhere online; it is available exclusively in hotels and the Saxon is the first hotel in South Africa to offer it to its guests. The fitness and wellness classes are presented by renowned instructors in prestigious locations, such as a Barre de Ballet class presented from the Royal Opera House in London by Royal Ballet Soloist Fernando Montano, or an Upper Body Calisthenics class presented by Ultra Marathon Runner Ben Harrison. Guests are able to view the classes on the televisions in their suites.

Saxon Managing Director, Georpe Cohen, noted: ”It is extremely exciting for us at the Saxon to be able to evolve with the times, and this being done exponentially during a time where COVID has been the headline for so long. We have chosen to ensure that we stay top of mind to our discerning guests, taking our personalised service to the next level by introducing several technological enhancements. We see these enhancements as contributors to the guest experience, rather than replacing the heart of hospitality and something that we pride ourselves in – The Saxon Journey.”

The Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa reopened on 1 May 2021. Details on the measures put in place to ensure the safety of guests can be found on the Saxon website

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