The 100% vegetable juices produced by Rugani Vegetables have been awarded the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) Seal of Recognition, which signifies that the juices are a CANSA Smart Choice. The recognition is down to the company’s innovative extraction processes and packaging, and how no additives are used in the juice’s production. Rugani Vegetable Juices have a shelf life of 12 months and are high in beta carotene, an antioxidant that converts to Vitamin A and supports the immune system.

Lorinda Van Dyk, CANSA’s Seal of Recognition Coordinator, says: “Rugani’s 100% vegetable juices are a terrific addition to our range of Smart Choice products that provide nutrients that may aid in reducing the risk of cancer. Consumption of beta carotene has been linked by science* to the promotion of skin and eye health, the improvement of cognitive function and may lower cancer risk. Rugani has also worked with leading scientists in the field to optimise their extraction process to rupture 95% of the vegetable cells, leading to an increase in the bio-available nutritional content of their juice.”

Many conventional vegetable juices are made from reconstituted concentrates because juice factories are unable to secure a reliable source of fresh produce, especially with seasonality constraints.  Rugani is both the farmer and processor, so they are able to harvest fresh vegetables daily at sunrise and have the juice packaged by sunset. This unique agro-processing setup, ensures that optimal nutritional content is captured in their juice.

Research shows that the risk of about 40% of cancers can be lowered through smarter lifestyle choices, like having a balanced, nutritious diet. CANSA aims to promote a smart, balanced lifestyle using the CANSA Smart Choice Seal on products as a tool to assist the public to easily identify healthier products and make healthier, informed choices. The CANSA Smart Choice trademark is only awarded to products that have undergone testing at an independent laboratory and which comply with the National Standards (SANS) or similar International Standards (ISO), as well as the stringent evidence-based requirements for each category as set out by CANSA.

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