Relationship building is vital in any industry, but particularly within the hospitality industry.  ANEW Hotels & Resorts’ relationship with its owners is built on shared values and a solid foundation of trust. Here, the owners of some of ANEW’s most successful properties share their insights into what sets the group apart.

Patrick Eliot, owner of ANEW Hotel Hluhluwe, believes that synergy is the most important factor when forming partnerships. “The enormous benefits that flow from networking and having partners who keep up-to-date with every aspect of the hospitality industry is the recipe for success for any owner.  No man is an island, and the synergy that flows from working with a good management company is important. ANEW Hotel Hluhluwe has built a successful partnership with the ANEW Group, which is mutually beneficial to our growth.”

Mano Paxinos, director and shareholder of ANEW Hotel Hilton, adds that joining forces with a young and dynamic team was vital for the growth of his hotel. “It provides for good stewardship, early identification of changing trends, and facilitates early adoption leading to market leadership. ANEW was the best fit for us as it is a young and energetic team with a collaborative approach. They have an attitude that one size does not fill all, resulting in very pragmatic execution. It is this nuance, nimbleness and access to the executive team that influenced our choice.”

Humble beginnings and strong family values

Avi Nathan, the owner of ANEW Resort Hunters Rest, adds that having the same values makes for a highly successful partnership. “We observe the same blend of hospitality and customer service. ANEW  have proved to be reliable, up-front, and honest in all their dealings. We have no problems communicating with all their staff, who are all professional and responsive. It’s a pleasure dealing with ANEW as they observe a high-quality of ethics and customer care.”

He continues, “Under ANEW, we are very happy with the way the business is run as their professionalism and attention to detail makes ANEW Resort Hunters Rest a very attractive resort, which my wife and I look forward to visiting. It feels like our home away from home.”

Adds Eliot,  “ANEW brings their management expertise at a fair cost, and the company was born out of humble beginnings with strong family values. ANEW Hotel Hluhluwe was similarly born from humble beginnings. Under the current ownership, we are incorporating and adopting the ANEW values of  honour, integrity, teamwork, excellence and courage.”

Challenging year

“Due to the pandemic, the last year has proved challenging,” says Nathan. “However, ANEW has maintained strict COVID protocols and managed to keep occupancy levels high. This helped us navigate the ups and downs of the past 20 months more seamlessly.”

Eliot continues, “During the COVID pandemic, ANEW assisted our hotel in implementing and maintaining strict protocols, which assisted guests and other third parties to enjoy our hospitality in a safe environment. It’s young and energetic team remains committed to attention to detail and consistency, and are constantly improving the standard of our hotel with strict control over finance, marketing and operations.”

Nathan concurs, agreeing that ANEW maintains a high standard of professionalism, employs competent staff and have systems in place to work smooth and efficiently. Paxinos adds the significance of a seamless transition and long-term goals. “ANEW’s significant aligning values were not promises of cost savings but of progressive milestones of a win-win outcome. The moderation of our expectations were brought to the fore before we signed up.”

“We appreciate ANEW’s timeous and accurate reporting of results and highlighting issues on the horizon, thus eliminating large elects of surprise, which is prevalent in our industry. Working with ANEW has been nothing short of miraculous.”

Paxinos ends off with advice for hotel owners looking for partners in the industry. “Carefully understand the shortcomings of your existing management partner and your expectations. Sometimes, the tangible takes you down a road to sacrifice the intangible, which is something that money can’t buy,” he concludes.

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