Charl van Wyk | Group Commercial Director, BON Hotels

Charl van Wyk takes on the role of Group Operations Director to Group Commercial Director at BON Hotels. A successful career spanning some 24 years bears testimony to his hard work and commitment to the industry. In line with the company’s 2018 focus, Charl will take on the analytical, marketing and systems-related responsibilities for the group, whilst still providing support at hotel level for Nigeria, South Africa and Namibia together with all new hotel activations.

Pieter van Eck | Group Operations Director, BON Hotels

Pieter van Eck assumes the role of Group Operations Director at BON Hotels, having worked as Operations Manager with great results over the past year.  No stranger to the hospitality industry, Pieter’s excellent operational management skills have allowed him to manage multiple properties with ease. His easy-going nature, coupled with instinctive rational thinking, means he is a natural leader driven to ‘get things done’. In line with the company’s 2018 focus and vision, Pieter’s new role will focus on the execution of the company’s goals relating to Profitable Standards.

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