With plant-based eating on the rise – whether for health, sustainability or dietary reasons – Nestle has introduced its convenient range of NESCAFÉ GOLD non-dairy lattes in South Africa. The range is available in three varietals – almond, oat and coconut.

Nicole Roos, Business Executive Officer: Beverages at Nestlé South Africa says: “We keep our fingers on the pulse of consumer desires.  Worldwide, there is growing consumer consciousness of health, wellness and longevity which has inspired a move towards natural, plant-based products.”

“Until now, there has been no one-cup soluble cappuccino treat for consumers who do not consume dairy products; whether it is a lifestyle choice or because they must avoid dairy due to allergies or health reasons.  With the new NESCAFÉ GOLD plant-based mixes range, we are the first food and beverage manufacturer in South Africa to introduce an offering that invites them to enjoy a premium, frothy cappuccino experience at home,” added Roos.

The one-cup milk-alternative latte sachets are easy to prepare – simply add hot water and stir – and for an extra creamy drink, tap the mug on the surface of a table.

Roos concludes: “Not only are our new mixes leading the way with dairy-free convenient coffee solutions but  are also undoubtedly the most delicious plant-based lattes you will ever make at home. They are also part of an ever-growing repertoire of exciting innovations and experiences from NESCAFÉ for diverse and discerning consumers.”

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