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While we all welcome the warmer weather, we certainly don’t welcome the influx of mosquitoes that arrive at this time of the year. Thankfully Versus Paint Specialists (PTY) Ltd has developed a solution that’s designed to keep mosquitoes and flies away from your guests.

Imagine being able to effortlessly and easily reduce the amount of mosquitoes and flies in your establishment?  One would no longer need to rely on air-flow restricting screens on windows and doors, airborne insecticides that regularly have to be replaced, large bug zappers or ineffectual citronella candles. While it might look like normal paint, Versus Paint Anti-mosquito paint is a long-lasting solution that drastically reduces the number of mosquitoes and flies in the room.

Part of their Paints with a Purpose range, Versus Paint’s Anti-mosquito paint is a water-based acrylic paint that can be made up in any colour. While it’s non-toxic to animals and humans, the paint is poisonous for mosquitoes and flies, killing them when they land on the painted surface. In fact, the additive is used in Uganda on goats to stop insects from irritating their skins.

So how does the repellent work? The moment mosquitoes pick up on the additive in the product they will avoid the area and avoid landing. However, when they do land they will immediately fly away, thus there is up to 90% less activity in a room which has been painted with the mosquito repellent.

From tests done, it was observed that should a mosquito land on the painted surface and not fly away, it will get knocked down and die. This does vary in different climates and ventilations, but 99% of mosquitoes in a room are dead within a 24 hour period as they all land sooner or later.

For best results and maximum effect, all walls as well as the ceiling in a room should be painted with the Versus Paint Anti-Mosquito Paint. This leaves no poison-free surface areas for the pests to land on. The paint can be used both inside and outside, and on properly primed wood and metal objects. It’s highly durable low odour and UV resistant and, as it is water-based, it is easy to clean.  Versus Paint’s Anti-Mosquito Paint is effective on interior walls for up to 3 years, while weathering and aging can affect the duration of the repellent on exterior walls.

Features and Benefits

  • Water-based: Low odour and easy-cleaning
  • Highly durable and UV resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Repels mosquitoes for up to 3 years indoors. On exterior surfaces, the duration of the repellent will be affected by aging and weathering of the coating.
  • Metal surfaces must be primed before applying the paint
  • Washable: Meets the requirements of the SABS and ASTMS scrubs resistant test methods.
  • Good colour stability
  • Non-yellowing
  • Water and steam resistant
  • Excellent resistance to spatter
  • Excellent adhesion, good flow and excellent opacity
  • Very low levels of VOC. 16g/litre

Versus Paint Specialists:

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