Mercure South Africa shares news about its new Cluster General Manager, Thulani Xhali.

Thulani Xhali, who has experience working in both the Netherlands and Nigeria, has been appointed as Cluster General Manager for Mercure South Africa. Mercure South Africa has 4 locally inspired midscale hotels in Bedfordview, Midrand, Nelspruit and Randburg which are aimed at both local and international travellers.

Thulani recently worked in the Netherlands where he held leadership positions including Director of Learning Companies. Thulani’s highest academic achievement is an apt Master of Science (Msc) in International Hospitality
and Service from the University of Derby in the United Kingdom. This accreditation with his dissertation centered around sustainability which is a global Accor drive. Thulani is a strategist by nature and with Mercure South Africa under his leadership, sustainable strategy for the group will be the order of the day.

As a committed leader for Mercure South Africa, Thulani foresees moving the group towards a shared vision, showing them where to go but not how to get there, invoking innate motivation from his team. His leadership style is effective when transformational change is necessary and is said to have impact on both climate and business sustainability.

Fundamental to Thulani’s mindset and management style is power. Thulani is not an introvert and his mindset and management style include being an achiever and challenger. Such characteristics are fundamental to people development and Thulani will certainly challenge his teams to bring out their best. Thulani envisions moving the teams within Mercure South Africa from working teams into high performing teams, thus taking people  development a step further. Thulani foresees from a national perspective that there is a fortune at the bottom of the pyramid and four billion poor can be the engine of the next round of global trade and prosperity in South African and a source of creative innovation.

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