Recipe by Anton Mosimann OBE

Serves: 4

50g sea salt
50g caster sugar
20g white peppercorns
20g star anise
20g crushed coriander seeds
2 sticks of lemon grass
Zest of 2 lemons
20ml brandy

  • Blend together in food processor.

500g salmon fillet (skin on)

  • Spread the above mixture all over the salmon. Marinate for 24 hours. Wash the marinade off, skin and remove the brown fat.
  • Slice the salmon into centimeter slices and arrange on a plate in a 5 inch ring. Keep the ring on the plate.

120g crabmeat (picked white meat only)
20g finely chopped chives
12 leaves coriander
60g finely sliced spring onions
20g pickled ginger

  • Spoon the seasoned crabmeat over the salmon evenly. Garnish with the rest of the ingredients. Remove the ring.

Juice of 2 lemons
10g sugar
A little arrowroot
100ml olive oil
10ml light soy sauce

  • Bring the lemon juice and the sugar to the boil; add the arrowroot and soy sauce and mix to a thick sauce consistency. Whisk in the olive oil.
  • To serve: Clean round the plate and drizzle the dressing over the top of the salmon and crab.

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