The City Bowl just got a whole lot sexier!

With a host of celebrities, media and industry personalities present, Tsogo Sun recently launched their fabulous new SunSquare and StayEasy Cape Town CBD hotels in pure style. Chantelle Balsdon was there to check out the two new additions to the Cape Town CBD.

The minute I walked into the main entrance of SunSquare, the pure sexiness of the location burst into life.  Granted, the array of local celebrities already at the launch probably added to the glamour, but the venue does simply take your breath away.

It felt like I was walking into old school Hollywood.  From the custom block-style stand-alone counter areas through to the Hollywood styled signage that lights your way into the main area of the Vigour&Verve Café, the look-and-feel is genius.

The design is cleverly functional, with emphasis not only on what looks amazing, but, more importantly, what works.  The design blends old and new; wood cladding and customised industrial-type metal furniture are placed next to vintage pieces on high gloss granite flooring. A delightful combination of clever design and planning.  As our eyes travelled skyward, even the light fixtures got me excited!

A show-stopping detail which I must mention is the vintage treated application of an old Waterfront image to the elevated wall above the main entrance area.  It brought home the ever-stronger commitment that Tsogo Sun has in developing our mother city.

To say this launch event was a success would be an understatement.  From the second you arrived to the second you left you were always being offered something to drink or eat butler style.

The food stations planted around the entire area of the launch party meant that there was constant access to yummy foods, which were prepared and served by a collective group of chefs from the Cape Town Tsogo Sun properties.  The chefs got to enjoy the event along with the guests, as they interacted at each station – a welcome surprise and a change from the normal ‘chefs stay in the kitchen’ routine.

The stand out was the live station with my personal favourite, the Exotic Truffle Risotto with Roast Bone Marrow, and Parsley and Shallot Salad.  My mouth still waters at the thought.

The entertainment for the evening was on a level of its own.  MC Siv Ngesi was his usual funny and gorgeous self – full of jokes and enticing laughter all round.  Director General of Tourism, Mr. Victor Tharage, delivered the keynote address, along with speeches by Executive Mayor Patricia de Lille and Premier Helen Zille, who was full of passion and infectious love of the Western Cape and its people.

The music was a mixture of DJ-spun and live-sung tunes, performed by a singer that I initially thought was another guest at the function that was speaking to me. It wasn’t until I saw the mic that I realized he wasn’t trying to talk to me, but was actually singing  – it was one of those “Oh!” moments.

Everywhere I went, I was surprised by an entertainment factor and the extra thought that went into the planning of this event.  The still-life scene models were awe inspiring and just beautiful.  The robotic AI themed dancers were somewhat scary to watch, they were that good.    It just kept on coming, the surprises, the fun, the laughter, the food and drink.

To end off the evening, we were ushered to the 14th floor bar and pool deck where we were astounded by the beauty of the view.  We felt like we were floating among the high rises in the city centre with a kaleidoscope of lights all around.

#trendprediction 14 stories bar is going to become one of Cape Town’s hot spots in the very near future.

A Two-in-One Hotel right in Cape Town’s City Bowl

A unique concept in Cape Town, the new SunSquare and StayEasy hotels occupy the same building but both offer two different experiences – the SunSquare is trendy and aimed at the modern traveler, while the StayEasy offers easy-on-the-pocket accommodation for the no-fuss traveler. Both have separate entrances – the StayEasy lies on the corner of Strand and Bree Street, and SunSquare is on the corner of Buitengracht and Strand streets.

The location is positioned to offering guests central access to all of Cape Town vibrant attractions with ease.

StayEasy: Room Breakdown

The StayEasy Cape Town City Bowl has 302 bedrooms, which are either twin-bed or double bed rooms, and five of the rooms are wheelchair-accessible.

StayEasy Cape Town City Bowl Standard Room

SunSquare: Room Breakdown

The SunSquare Cape Town City Bowl has 202 bedrooms. The standard rooms come with queen beds while the family rooms come with two double beds. There are also five executive rooms, two suites and two wheelchair-accessible rooms.

SunSquare Cape Town City Bowl Standard Room

We interviewed the hotels’ General Manager Chandresh Singh earlier in the year and visited the Sun Square and Stay Easy developments while it was being built – take a look at what the property looked like just earlier this year!

Photographs of the SunSquare and StayEasy Cape Town City Bowl launch taken by Emielke Professional Photography

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