Pacojet Power: How the Pacojet could revolutionise your kitchen

Brought to you by the Culinary Equipment Company, Pacojet is an innovative Swiss-made kitchen system that helps professional chefs to bring the best out of their ingredients, whilst saving time and reducing food wastage.


The Pacojet is a counter-top kitchen system that quickly, efficiently and powerfully micro-purées deep frozen food into an ultra-fine, homogenous product with a creamy consistency. This technique, called pacotizing, is achieved through the Pacojet’s blade which spins at 2 000 rpm, shaving a micro-thin layer off the top of frozen food.

So, what does this technology mean for the professional kitchen? The world’s your oyster! Naturally, it lends itself to frozen dessert applications, creating incredibly creamy sorbets and ice creams, but it can be used for much more than that – the bases for savoury applications such as terrines and mousses, sauces or soups are available at the touch of a button. At its core, the Pacojet offers chefs the opportunity to create consistently excellent dishes using ingredients at the height of freshness, reduce food wastage, and save preparation and service time.

Read below to find out how chefs are using the Pacojet system and how it can benefit your kitchen:

We speak to Chef Daniela Gutstadt, Executive Chef and Owner of Culinary Table, about how she uses the Pacojet in her kitchen:

The Pacojet is an incredibly powerful tool in any professional kitchen. We use it for a variety of recipes; mostly to whip butter after we’ve added sea salt and dried garden herbs to it (we do so because it lightens the texture of the butter, adds volume and also ensures that our seasoning is evenly distributed through the butter). We also make the obvious items such as sorbets and ice cream, but I receive the most pleasure from taking woody ends or storks from ingredients such as asparagus and turning it into a thick base for a risotto or sauce. Also, you will never taste a smoother chicken liver pâté from any other method.

Chef Daniela Gutstadt, Executive Chef and Owner of Culinary Table



The Pacojet works with deep-frozen ingredients, which keeps items nutrient-rich, fresh and flavourful. Market-fresh items can be processed immediately after purchase and frozen, locking in the pure, natural flavours, colours and aromas of the produce.


Ingredients don’t need to be peeled, puréed or strained, and can be prepped and frozen during slow periods. When it comes time for service, the frozen ingredients can be processed to order. The Pacojet processes end-products quickly, creating individual portions in 20 seconds and a litre in less than 4 minutes. In just one hour, the Pacojet can produce 15 litres of sorbet or ice cream in 15 different flavours, 15kg of fine farce for pâtés, terrines, light and airy mousses, 15kg of vegetable, herb or spice concentrates, or 150 portions of soup in 15 varieties.


Ingredients are frozen in airtight, hygienic beakers, so there’s no spoilage, oxidisation or contamination. As ingredients do not need to be thawed before processing, and are not thawed during processing, unused ingredients can safely be returned to the freezer to use at a later stage. The Pacojet’s blade spins at 2000 rpm, breaking down and homogenising items such as skins, cores, pith and seeds. Chefs can thus reduce food wastage and maximise food usage by processing items that would usually be discarded.

Portion Control

At the touch of a button, the user can select the amount of end-product that’s required, from individual servings to large portions. The speed of the Pacojet system means that portions can be created to order during service, with ice creams and sorbets produced at the ideal serving temperature.


One of the benefits of using the Pacojet for frozen dessert applications is that it can be used to produce a clean-tasting end product. As the blades pacotize frozen food to produce a smooth, creamy texture, the frozen base can be a simple mix of fruit, sugar and water; the stabilisers and thickeners often required for an appealing texture are not necessary. Taken a step further, sorbets and ice creams can easily be adjusted to suit customers with dietary restrictions.


The Pacojet also has an optional coupe set for non-frozen produce. It can chop, dice or purée ingredients without generating heat, producing an end product with optimum hygiene, flavour and colour.



  • Smooth, creamy texture
  • No thawing necessary – frozen items remain fresh and nutrient-rich
  • No stabilisers or thickeners needed
  • Solution for guests with dietary restrictions
  • No wastage
  • Maximises food usage
  • Portion Control
  • Savoury and sweet applications
  • Ice creams and sorbets made to order at the ideal serving temperature
  • Time-saving
  • Allows chefs space for creativity

Different Kitchen Applications

The Pacojet is not just for high-end fine dining. This multi-functional tool lends itself to a wide-range of industries. Here are just a few examples of how the Pacojet lends itself to different industry applications:

  • Health Care Facilities: Achieving an ultra-fine texture without relying on thickeners or stabilisers means that the Pacojet can be used to create meals that cater for specialised diets. The Pacojet can also produce nutrient-rich dishes that are appealing and easy to eat.
  • Chefs on the move: Consultant, private and freelance chefs will enjoy the mobility of the Pacojet – weighing approximately 15kg, the Pacojet can easily be transported to a new venue and just needs a plug point to operate.
  • Bulk-Catering Operations: While the Pacojet can create individual portions during service, it can also process 15 litres in an hour – these items can be kept aside in the service freezer until needed.
  • Retirement Homes: Many diners in retirement homes are unable to swallow and eat dense food, such as meat. The Pacojet can be used to create meat dishes that are easy to eat, such as terrines. An innovative use for the Pacojet in retirement homes is placing the Pacojet-processed meat into a mould before re-freezing and cooking to serve – meat prepared in this way is easier to cut and swallow.
  • Space-constrained Kitchens: The Pacojet takes up very little counter space (it’s about the size of a coffee grinder). The additional coupe set extends the Pacojet’s range of functions to work with non-frozen food. Additional functions include uniformly cutting, chopping, mincing, mixing, whipping and blending.
  • Bakeries: A litre of cream can be whipped up in less than a minute without the chance of over-whipping.
  • Wellness-focused Restaurants: No additives, preservatives, colourants or stabilisers needed to create decadently smooth frozen desserts, and vegan alternatives can easily replace dairy and eggs without compromising on texture.

Fresh Pineapple Sorbet

This recipe demonstrates how two ingredients – simple fresh fruit and fruit juice – can be transformed into a decadent sorbet using the Pacojet.

  • Peel and dice a fresh pineapple, including the core. (Save time and raw material cost)
  • Fill approximately 700g of fruit into a beaker. Top up with pineapple juice. Sweeten only if desired. (Needs no additives or preservatives).
  • Place in deep freezer at -22°C for minimum 24 hours, or shock freeze. (Lock in freshness and aroma).
  • Whenever you wish to make the sorbet, set up the Pacojet for processing. (Simply snap the blade onto the magnetic end of the shaft).
  • Now take the frozen beaker out of the freezer, attach it to the Pacojet, and process it directly in its deepfrozen state. (Simple and fast).
  • You can select to process as little as you need or do the whole beaker. In just seconds, the frozen fruit is puréed to an extremely fine texture.
  • The result is an incredibly smooth and creamy sorbet at the ideal serving temperature of -12°
  • Process a variety of beakers and hold ready for service in a service freezer at about -12° to -15°

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