Sandwiches: Always on Trend

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With an infinite amount of options available to you as a chef, the humble sandwich is a perfect platform for your culinary creativity. Not only can on-trend flavours be sandwiched between the slices, but the bread itself can move with the times. And no matter how long and loud various debates about health, wellness and dietary restrictions rage on, sandwiches will always remain on the menu, quietly being delicious.

However, if you do have to take dietary requirements into consideration, sandwiches are incredibly adaptable, and that’s part of their charm. So even vegan, banting, health-conscious and gluten-intolerant guests can enjoy a sandwich or two – just use one of the many breads developed to meet their particular dietary requirement, and adjust the fillings to follow suit, allowing you endless options to satisfy your guests.

As an instantly recognisable menu staple, sandwiches have no age limit and offer you a straightforward base for both kids and adults’ menus. They’re also cost-effective for both chef and guest – there’s an entire meal between those two pieces of bread, and it can be as affordable or extravagant as you want! Sandwiches are also relatively simple to prepare, which helps relieve some of the work load in the kitchen, and they’re easy for customers to grab for on-the-go eating, quick to eat in the restaurant if they’re in a time crunch.

While the standard cheese and tomato or chicken mayo sandwich is always going to be delicious, we’ve partnered with Nola Ultra Creamy, the ultimate sandwich spread, to showcase sandwich trends so that you can keep your sarmie game strong!


Slow-cooked proteins

While the BBQ trend might be petering out on the culinary scene, tender slow-cooked pulled pork paired with a tangy coleslaw is going to stay with us for a long time.



Taking a luxury ingredient such as prawns and using them in the humble sandwich should be wrong, but it’s very right – in fact, that juxtaposition is the ultimate luxury!



This isn’t your embarrassing egg sandwich – whether it’s fried eggs adding crunch and soft yolk goodness to a sandwich, or a gussied-up egg mayonnaise with herbs, veggies or bacon added, eggs are an affordable protein to use as a blank canvas for trends.


Fancy Breads

It’s not just about brown or white bread anymore – diners are looking to splurge on interesting breads such as sourdoughs, ciabattas, pumpernickel, ancient grains breads, vegetable breads, seed loaf, activated charcoal-infused breads and paninis.


Comfort Food

As much as things change, things stay the same. Toasted cheese sandwiches will never go out of fashion, but experiment with interesting cheeses, or swap out the tomato for other veggies.


Spice it up

Whether it’s a tingly hit of chilli or fragrant curry spices, your sandwich filling can take on a lot of trendy spice combinations for a sandwich upgrade.

Now that we’ve given you some sandwich inspiration, why not try your hand at some of these delicious recipes using Nola Ultra Creamy:

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