From the makers of Sir Fruit, South Africa’s number 1 cold pressed juice, health shots and first-of-its-kind fresh cocktail mix brand, comes an exciting new drinks and dessert offering – Luckybird. Luckybird is a range of locally produced and carefully crafted syrups and purees that transform regular life into flavourful living, designed to inspire and enable creativity, elevating beverages and desserts to new heights. 

In keeping with Sir Fruit’s juice innovation, high-quality standards and expertise of over 30 years supplying the trade industry, Luckybird is made to world-class standards with the best ingredients which are less processed and consistently tasty. Luckybird is very proudly South African and is one of the few locally produced brands available, leading the flock in support of local industry, business and suppliers. This offers the hospitality trade an exceptionally delicious, local product at an accessible price point. 

Luckybird takes its cue from Southern Africa’s Lilac-breasted Roller – a brilliant little bird that is colourful, sociable and considered a good omen according to folklore. Allowing flavour to spread its wings, Luckybird’s range of premium syrups and purees sets off on a journey of taste – inspiring creativity which turns barmen into mixologists, restaurants into resorts and dinner parties into dance floors with drink and dessert creations that are sure to ruffle some taste feathers. 

The wide range of products on offer include quality syrups such as: Cranberry, Grapefruit, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Strawberry, Elderflower, Blueberry, African Ginger and Triple Sec. And purees such as: Mango, Peanut Butter, Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry. This flavourful Luckybird range enables the possibility to easily and effortlessly create uniquely delicious beverages for restaurant menus, such as craft sodas, gourmet milkshakes and high-end cocktails, just to name a few. 

With innovation being at the forefront of the brand, Luckybird is ever evolving and developing. So keep your eye to the sky for new delicious flavours and taste experiences on the horizon. 

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The real master beverage craftsmen behind the brand:

  • Patrick Baker a nutty scientist, having honed his mastery in juice making over the last 30 years. And why stop at juice? An expert at his craft of both recipe concoctions and bird watching. 
  • David Baker the financial brains behind the business. Secretly wishing he could ditch the title of CEO and instead opt for Innovation Expert, but somebody’s got to keep the bank balance in shape. 

Luckybird has been in the making for many years leading up to it’s launch in 2021. Following the success of the Sir Fruit fresh cocktail makers which are made using quality syrups as part of their ingredient list, it was an obvious extension to the Sir Fruit stable to be able to remain relevant in trade, maintaining their position as market leaders in beverage innovation and opening up the ability to play in different menu categories outside of juice. 


Lucky Fish. A bird in hand. Luckybird.

Creative. Masterful. Imaginative 

Luckybird is youthful, sophisticated and a little cheeky. Creative & humorous. Beneficial & considerate. An enabler brand with secret sense of city swag. Luckybird is all about unlocking expression. Whether it’s a barman mixing cocktails or a creative in the kitchen, Luckybird adds magic. And inspires people to unlock their creativity, and become Drinkanistas. 

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