In step with a growing trend of wellness and low-alcohol options, Freely, a new zero sugar, low-alcohol hard seltzer, has hit the South African market. Crafted by Natures Own Beverages (Pty) Ltd, an independent South African producer, Freely is a proudly local product of sparkling water with a splash of vodka and fruit flavouring.

Hard seltzers have made a splash on the global scene – especially America.  In the USA hard seltzers are making inroads into the beer and cider market as a low carb alternative. On the global front, the hard seltzer market is expected to grow at a phenomenal annual rate of 16,5% over the next six years.

What sets Freely apart from other hard seltzers, is its lower alcohol content (just 3%), lower calories (23 kilocalories per 100ml), zero sugar and, above all, premium taste. As a spirit-based drink, Freely is also gluten free and vegan friendly.

Freely is available in three flavours –Lime, Peach and Wild Berry – all bottled in glass. Available exclusively at Checkers LiquorShop countrywide during the launch phase, Freely has an RSP of R79.99 for a pack of four X 275ml glass bottles.

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