After arriving in Cape Town four years ago, UK-born chef George Lowe realised that local restaurants were struggling to put operation standards in place. “The Kitchen Consultants was born to ensure consistent operating standards,” says George, who has helped many entrepreneurs start their restaurant business from scratch, from designing kitchens and menus to training all staff. “I worked with the best in Cape Town offering Private Chef Services, and after gaining crucial insights and working with my chef colleagues, I decided to offer this service myself.”

It was while he was working on a consultancy in 2015 that he met his business partner Krigan Naicker, who is a commercial accountant. “We clicked immediately, and both have a different skillset that complement each other in the business,” says George. “After many private chef engagements for high value clients, we started to engage in holistic vacation services for our clients. We felt that this wasn’t what The Kitchen Consultants was about and decided to launch EnGlobe Vacations, our sister company.”

EnGlobe offers Villa Rentals, Private Chef Experiences, Concierge Services, and arranges tours and experiences all over South Africa, with everything necessary for a luxury vacation. “We currently have a team of experts that cover all our Consultancy and Luxury Holiday planning needs, with operations in South Africa and Europe. We are currently expanding into Asia,” says George. “We are extremely proud of our team and look forward to many more successful years to come. We are grateful to our amazing clients who make our businesses the success stories that they are today!”

The Kitchen Consultants are experts in everything kitchen-management:

In the kitchen:

  • Stock control procedures
  • Kitchen management
  • Setting up a kitchen
  • Placing equipment strategically
  • Kitchen revamp


  • Experienced chefs with backgrounds in well-known restaurants
  • 5-star meals designed to impress
  • Large-scale corporate catering


  • Recruitment
  • Public Relations
  • Human Resource Management

For more information on The Kitchen Consultants, click here and for more information on EnGlobe Vacations, click here.   

The kitchen consultants are experts in everything kitchen

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