After a year as Executive Sous Chef, Keshan Ramburan has been promoted to the position of Executive Chef of The Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town.

KZN-born Keshan has worked throughout South Africa, and counts one of the highlights of his early career as the opportunity to assist BBC Television’s Chefs Brian Turner, Alan Coxon and Aldo Zilli at The Cape Town Food & Wine Show.

His tenure as Executive Sous Chef allowed him to settle into the culture and daily workings of the hotel, and feels inspired to work in such a beautiful location. “I want The Table Bay to be renowned the world over for being the best hotel in the Cape. We have the most breathtaking location, exceptional people and a truly remarkable product,” says Keshan.

“We need to continue surrounding the hotel with passionate people,” he continues. “It is the people who define the guest experience and distinguish The Table Bay from other luxury hotels. From a food perspective, we offer an authentically South African experience, while at the same time adding an international twist to our dishes which ensures that they have universal appeal and reflect current trends.”

Going forward, Keshan would like sustainability to be a focus for the kitchen: “One of our focuses is to become more sustainable; to create more dishes that are a more ‘farm to fork’ and include more locally sourced ingredients.”

“For 18 years, I have learned to enjoy my career and being a chef,” says Keshan on his decision to become a chef and work in the culinary field. “It has become a way of life and not just a job. I still love the rush. Of course, the exciting places I have been and people I get to meet have made my journey incredibly exciting. “You need to surround yourself with great team members to achieve yours goals as the saying goes you are only as good as your team which I firmly believe in.”

“It is hard work and requires long hours and dedication. If you are going to choose this career, you have to put in the time, but you will always reap the benefits. At the end of the day, you have to be passionate and love what you do.”

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