Everyone can get involved in this year’s #67000litres for Mandela Day challenge! Chefs with Compassion is calling on South Africans across five different categories to put on their aprons, clear out their pantries, and get cooking in the biggest nationwide cooking challenge for hunger awareness ever in SA’s history.

Last year over 300 chefs took part in the Mandela Day challenge and cooked up a whopping 77 455 litres of soup, serving 309 820 cups of soup to hungry people all over the country. This year, Chefs with Compassion has initiated a nationwide challenge to beat the #67000litres target once again.

The categories in this year’s “67 000 Litres for Mandela Day Challenge” are Home Cooks, Hotels, Culinary Schools, Kitchens (eg restaurants, pubs, canteens, catering companies), and Corporates.

Within each of these categories, participants will complete a ‘Clean Out Your Pantry’ Challenge, using close-to-expiry-date products and supplementing with wholesome and nutritious ingredients to make a hearty soup.

“This year, as we reach the peak of the third wave and with Government calling on South Africans to isolate as much as possible, getting involved in 67 minutes of doing good on Madiba’s birthday is a little more challenging than usual. Meanwhile, one of the greatest problems facing our country is that of hunger. The #67000litres Challenge is the perfect way for every company, every individual and every hospitality industry player to give back. At the same time, this initiative will send the clear and resounding message that the food that is wasted across every stage of the food chain (Agriculture – Manufacturing – Distribution – Retail – Consumer) is sufficient to feed every hungry South African three meals a day,” says Arnold Tanzer, chairman of Chefs with Compassion.

The #67000litres Challenge is an important fundraiser for Chefs with Compassion. Last year almost R150 000 was raised through generous donations from across the country as the public rallied behind this incredible initiative, and this year donors will receive a cookbook containing soup recipes from celebrity chefs who will be cooking, along with thousands of South Africans, on Mandela Day.

Since the launch on 14 June, a number of participants have already joined.

In the Hotel category, Marriott International were the first to take up the challenge, signing up as their hotel group. In the Kitchen category, Buns Out in Linden came on board as the first restaurant. In the Culinary School category – NDS Academy in Vereeniging was the first to put their money where their mouth is, with Capsicum Culinary Studio signing up six campuses and International Hotel School signing up four campuses shortly thereafter, while the HTA Culinary Art has challenged all culinary schools to beat their intended target of 500 litres per campus. The first Home Cook to sign up was Christine Phillips of Health Yourself, who started cooking soup in her kitchen at home before Chefs with Compassion was even formally established.

And in the Corporate category, Chefs with Compassion’s Premier Sponsor, Compass Insure, signed up without a moment’s hesitation.

To be part of this one-of-a-kind national Mandela Day Challenge, download the information page relevant to your category and click on the link to register online.

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