Specialising in confectionery, chocolate work and patisserie, Café Patisse first opened its doors in 2015. Owned by Chef Martin Ferreira, the company sells their exquisite sweet treats wholesale for hotels, conference centres, restaurants and caterers. “Our clients will contact us when they need any catering on the sweet side of the menu,” says Martin.

However, one of the challenges that was immediately evident when they opened was cash flow. “Our customers are on a 30, 60 or 120 day account, and don’t always pay when they say they’re going to pay,” says Martin. “And that’s how we came across Genfin.”


Martin first found Genfin while browsing the internet one night: “We gave them a call the very next day and they were very helpful. It took a matter of a couple of days, they lent us the money and here we are!”

With the aim of bringing Café Patisse’s pastries and confectionery to a wider audience, Martin was able to open his first franchise recently. “With the help of Genfin, we’ve expanded into one of our first franchises in Emmarentia, and that’s the plan going forward,” says Martin. “We’d like to continue opening up franchises and make our product more available to the public.”

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