Chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, well-known for his one Michelin starred restaurant in Nice, France, has partnered with Nicky and Jonathan Oppenheimer to launch two new projects – KLEIN JAN and JAN Innovation Studio – both of which are dedicated to the exploration of South African cuisine and will be based in the country.

The first is KLEIN JAN restaurant, which will open at Tswalu Kalahari, a private game reserve based in the Northern Cape over 110 000 hectares of grasslands and mountains. Here, Chef Jan Hendrik and his team aim to translate the area’s culinary heritage into world-class cuisine, focusing on local authenticity and sustainability of the environment.

Klein JAN

The JAN Innovation Studio, set to open in Cape Town, is a development studio where chefs and students will continually develop and innovate South African cuisine. These findings will be shared throughout the JAN group, from the Northern Cape through to Nice, where the flagship JAN restaurant will remain as a gateway to South African cuisine.

JAN Innovation Studio will also be the home of JAN the JOURNAL, his bi-annual publication that showcases the chef’s exploration and ideas of the culinary world.

Klein JAN

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