Lyndsay Jackson from the Guest House Accommodation of South Africa (GHASA) shares why it’s important for all guesthouses to have public liability insurance, and why all GHASA members should have this in place.

All Guest House Accommodation of SA (GHASA) members must have a public liability insurance policy in place. This is to ensure that both guests and property owners are protected in the event of injury or loss of property.

As we’re aware that many property owners have no idea what this policy is and why it is such a vital component of one’s business, let’s unpack its meaning and the implication of not having one in place.

Public liability insurance protects establishment owners in the event of a third party/guest claiming against the owner for personal injury or loss/damage of items, whilst at the establishment.

For example, if a guest slips on wet pool tiles and sustains serious injuries, s/he may claim compensation for those injuries.  If there is no public liability policy in place, you, as the owner will be liable to pay in your personal capacity.  The implication of this is scary.  Imagine if the injured guest lives overseas and requires ongoing therapy, for which you’re expected to pay.  Or if your establishment is burgled and guests’ items are stolen.  Without public liability insurance, you will have to fork out your own hard-earned cash to replace those items!

GHASA has a special relationship with Bryte SA. Their Hospitality Insurance package covers public liability; loss of business if your establishment is forced to close; damage caused by power surges; bilking losses and all the other issues that establishment owners experience whilst running their businesses.

Whilst we all acknowledge that insurance is a “grudge” payment, it is vital for all responsible business owners to ensure that they have adequate public liability insurance policies in place.

For more information on the Guest House Accommodation of South Africa, visit their website

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