On the 10th of September, HSC took some of its team members, also known as HSC Superheroes, on a wine expedition at Emperors Palace, together with Libertas Vineyards.  They tasted the wines of Durbanville Hills, Nederburg and Pongracz. HSC is passionate about wine and upgrading its team’s knowledge as well as developing a love for the flavours and history of wine.

The experience encompassed wine pairing training, a theoretical class which covered aspects such as:

The HSC team were given an opportunity to play around with the flavour profiles as they paired the wines with items such as cheese, coffee, honey and crisps. During the tasting staff were given the opportunity to demonstrate their wine presentation and service skills as Kate from Libertas Vineyards coached them on the art of wine upselling.

“We believe, that interactive experiences such as the wine expedition along with other initiatives, clearly help to develop a person’s passion for the industry” said  Thabiso Nkitseng HSC’s Training Manager at Emperors Palace “ It is not only educational for the attendees, the experience is motivational and has a direct impact on the wine sales in our clients business” continued Thabiso.

HSC is a full service staffing company for the hospitality industry in South Africa. With branches in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town they employ over 5,000 chefs, butlers, waiters, event crews, receptionists, cleaners, porters. They provide bespoke training for their teams and clients. HSC is part of the Imperial Logistics Group of companies

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