Ready2Go’s Chicken Nuggets are given a whole new look in this recipe when they’re dunked in a Honey, Soy and Ginger dipping sauce.

Honey, Soy and Ginger Dunked Nuggets

Recipe Yield | 1 x starter portion
Equipment | Stove, fat fryer
Cooking temperature | 180°C
No. of servings | 1
Preparation time | 10 minutes
Cooking/setting time | 4 minutes

Honey, Soy and Ginger Dipping Sauce (makes 500ml)

500ml Knorr Honey and Soy Sauce
20g Fresh ginger, grated
1 Fresh Chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
4 – 5 Nuggets
1g Toasted Sesame seeds

  • Slowly heat the Honey and Soy sauce until just before boiling point
  • Add the fresh ginger and chilli
  • Allow to cool before storing in the fridge
  • Cook the nuggets in a deep fat fryer as per pack instructions
  • Slightly warm the honey, soy and ginger sauce
  • Dip the hot nuggets into the sauce, and remove

To Serve:

  • Serve with sweet potato fries and crispy salad

Tip – squeeze fresh lime juice over the dunked nuggets to add a taste of freshness

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