As unemployment reaches staggering new heights in SA, jobseekers need as many advantages as possible – especially in the hospitality industry where there are less positions available than before. As part of a value-add service, Stephen Hickmore from Hickmore Recruitment has created CareerMap.CareerMap is designed to give people searching for work, as well as professionals looking for career mentorship, a “toolbox of services” to assist them in changing jobs or developing their career.

The service is not just aimed at the hospitality industry, although that will naturally be a big focus for the Hickmore Recruitment team. “My roots will always be hospitality and our focus is certainly on assisting those in our industry with mapping their careers. The service is more universal though we have already assisted people in the fitness industry and banking for example,” says Stephen.

He says that the hospitality industry has been the most affected by the pandemic, with many unemployed, put on layoffs or given less hours, so they’re getting many enquiries for available positions in the industry. “Sadly, jobs are few and far between at the moment. People are hiring but not so much through recruiters. It is a candidate rich market and applicants need assistance to get seen, get interviewed and get the job.”

Helping their candidates to stand out from the crowd, CareerMap offers a number of services that will finetune your offering. “We offer professional CV development and individualised cover letters for our clients. Our impactful video CVs are also really taking off and are a great way to get to the top of the pile,” says Stephen. “There is also a fantastic networking area on our CareerMap website along with a blog and a members area.”

One of the company’s unique offerings is a social media audit, which has become an incredibly important part of the hiring process. “We provide a report on a person’s presence on facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter and other platforms. Following the analysis of the audit, I spend an hour or so with the candidate with an individual workshop to give tips on how to market yourself.”

“In addition to these services, I give one-on-one mentorship sessions as well as year-long career mentorship packages for professionals and graduates covering a wide variety of employment related subjects,” says Stephen.

The response to CareerMap has been very good, which Stephen says is partly down to their reasonable pricing. They currently have 700 subscribers to their CareerMap resource page and are busy growing their network group, with an app that makes access to both CareerMap and Hickmore Recruitment resources a breeze.

Benefits of using CareerMap

Some of the benefits of using CareerMap’s services that Stephen has identified are that it will:

  • give you a better understanding of yourself from a career and work perspective.
  • help you identify the right role and employer profile so you will thrive.
  • help you focus on the next stage of your career
  • provide you with an unbiased external perspective.
  • help you implement a successful job search program.
  • help you settle into a new role quickly after a career break.
  • teach you how to market yourself and your skills effectively.
  • help you gain confidence through interview preparation sessions.
  • help you stay positive during a break in employment.

Image credit Markus Winkler

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