If you’re looking for a great alternative to soft drinks for your menu, and an option that packs a wellness punch, Happy Culture kombucha beverages offer your guests a tasty way to consume probiotics in support of the gut’s micro-biome. Beneficial properties include organic acids, antioxidants, vitamins and digestive enzymes, which all work to improve digestion and flora, boost immunity and detoxify the body.

Happy Culture kombucha drinks are handcrafted in the Cape Winelands using mineral water, natural ingredients and an ancient Eastern tradition of fermenting sweet tea with a live culture of beneficial bacterias and yeasts. The result of this process is a naturally fizzy, tangy-sweet living drink filled with a whole lot of goodness for the body.

The Happy Culture range currently consists of 8 delicious flavour blends, always naturally infused – cucumber and mint, blueberry basil, ginger lemon, rooibos chai, pineapple lime and raspberry hibiscus. These include cold pressed ginger, cold pressed cucumber, natural teas, extracts, juices and spices.

Happy Culture founders Manon Colmant and Mark Jones describe their creations as “somewhere between iced tea and Champagne,” with each infusion offering their unique expression of aromatic and flavour expressions.

All the drinks have a low sugar level, always below 4g/100ml and always broken down, with no sugar being added post fermentation.

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