Guvon Academy, based in Johannesburg, will be offering a one-day Food Safety in Catering course from March. The course is accredited by UK-based Highfield Qualifications, which means that the accreditation will be an international one rather than with the South African NQF. The programme is endorsed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, complying with the minimum standard for shipboard personnel.

The interactive programme will teach candidates how to identify and control common risks to food safety, as well as the correct procedures for maintaining a hygienic work environment. The course covers:

  • Microbiological hazards;
  • Spoilage and preservation;
  • Food poisoning and its control;
  • Food handlers and personal hygiene;
  • Food premises and equipment;
  • Food pests and control;
  • Cleaning and disinfection;
  • HACCP from purchase to service;
  • Food safety law and enforcement.

For more information, visit or phone 011 568 4967

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