In partnership with fanute, a linen rental company with a focus on sustainability, we bring you some of the sustainable innovations that guesthouses around SA have implemented. The GHASA members showcase that you don’t need to have a sustainability manager or committee to make a difference – big or small, every accommodation provider can do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Here, we see what Hawklee Country House, a B&B in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, are doing to help save the environment.

We are a small owner-run B&B and follow a policy of being as eco-friendly as possible. We produce our own vegetables in our garden, grow micro herbs for our breakfasts and dinners and endeavour to deliver a holistic feel to our food of health and locally grown to our guests

Dinners include homemade bread and home-grown vegetables, and the biscuits for our rooms are made in house. Most of our meats are bought from local suppliers such as Dargle Pork that use organic and environmentally-friendly feed for their pigs. We buy in as little as possible, and where we do buy, try and source locally – even our eggs are produced in the Midlands! Our jams are either homemade at Hawklee from our orange tree or made by the residents of a local retirement village that we support.

The bath range we use at Hawklee is eco-friendly, which benefits the environment as well as our septic tank. The soaps used in the rooms are vegan soaps made at Hawklee and are offered for sale as well.

Our water is drawn from a 156m-deep borehole which goes through our own filtration system to ensure no additives or potentially harmful chemicals are put into the water. The laundry and cleaning materials we use are Bio-Chem products from an eco-friendly firm – even our dogs are washed in bio-friendly soap from Bio-Chem to ensure that we do not harm the environment!

We pride ourselves in our maintaining of a green environment.

Hawklee Country HouseThe Hawklee gardens are gradually being converted to succulent gardens so that we keep our water-usage down – and to ensure that the water table isn’t affected, grey water is pumped into soap pits that allow for the dissipation of water back into the soil.

The water that we use in the Cottages is kept in glass bottles, which are recycled – no plastic is used. We endeavour to use brown paper bags when supplying anything to the guests as well as when we shop. We recycle all our products at the Midmar Dam recycling plant, which is a job creator for the locals, and items that they do not take we either burn in our incinerator – we do not bury anything. If we can recycle an item, we do.

Lastly, our lights are strategically placed around Hawklee so as not to cause light pollution and to ensure the guest gets to see our beautiful stars in the skies without bright spotlights destroying the darkness. We pride ourselves in our maintaining of a green environment.

Hawklee Country House
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Hawklee Country House

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