In partnership with fanute, a linen rental company with a focus on sustainability, we bring you some of the sustainable innovations that guesthouses around SA have implemented. The GHASA members showcase that you don’t need to have a sustainability manager or committee to make a difference – big or small, every accommodation provider can do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Here, we see what Blue Sky, a guest house in Arniston in the Western Cape, are doing to help save the environment.

We only use bio-degradable, environmentally friendly cleaning products in our guest house. I buy the products in 5 litre containers and decant into smaller bottles for my housekeeping staff. Then, I return the empty 5 litre containers to my supplier. The products work really well, are 100% plant based, and made from natural ingredients. They comply with EcoCert & EU requirements, aren’t tested on animals and are made in Cape Town. Plus, I find them very reasonably priced.

One of the additional benefits to using these cleaning products is that we have no main line sewerage – only a septic tank, which we need to keep healthy.

We provide filtered water in our guest rooms and use glass bottles, not plastic, in our restaurant in glass bottles. We also encourage our guests to refill their bottles before leaving our guest house.

In our bathrooms, we have hand lotion and soap pumps which we refill, so that we’re not throwing away a zillion small plastic tubes of product.

Our kitchen has cut down on clingfilm by using and reusing shower caps when a bowl has to be covered. We also bought lots of glass bowls in a recent promotion with Spar, which have plastic lids – another way to cut down on clingfilm.

And of course, we re-use plastic shopping bags and also use fabric ones too.

We try, and I know there are other areas where we can and will make a difference. It’s all about education & caring 🙂

Some of our laundry water empties onto the plot of ground next door, keeping it nice and green – and as we use the eco-friendly/bio-degradable productions, this is not a problem.

Any melted water from ice/ice buckets, or water not used by guests from the water bottles, is used to water our potted plants or poured into our plunge pool.

We sort our glass into a clear plastic bag and separate our plastic and paper into another, which is collected by the municipality weekly.

We only use bamboo straws in the guest house. We don’t use linen napkins, which saves water and laundry liquid, and instead use napkins that are made of a bamboo composite.

Blue Sky Guesthouse
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