Spicy harissa butter tops these gorgeous grilled Tomahawk steaks – and to top it all off, they’re served with a side of pap chips. This recipe for Grilled Tomahawk with Harissa Butter and Pap Chips features Marvello Butter-Flavoured Spread. To find out more about the ingredient, click here to watch a video from RCL Foods’ Executive Chef Brad Kavanagh.

Grilled Tomahawk with Harissa Butter and Pap Chips

Tomahawk Steak

10 x 1.4kg Tomahawk Steak on the bone
100g Garlic Clove, Crushed
6g Salt
6g Black Pepper, coarse ground
20g Rosemary, chopped
20g Thyme, chopped
60g Wholegrain Mustard
100ml Olive Oil

  • Rub Steaks with Oil, season with salt and pepper and place on hot grill or skillet
  • Sear on both sides for 3-4 minutes or until grill lines are clear
  • Finish with garlic, mustard and herbs and roast until chosen doneness. Use a meat thermometer to assist you and allow to rest before serving. Roasting in preheated oven of 150°C for 45 minutes is a good medium rare. This however might vary dependant on how thick the steaks are cut, or the oven.
  • Present with Marvello Butter Flavoured Spread and allow to melt on steak on presentation.

Harissa Paste

400g Red Peppers roasted and peeled, drained
20g Garlic, crushed
2g Cumin
60ml Olive Oil
3 Red Chillies, deseeded
2g Coriander, ground


  • Place all ingredients into a food processor and mix to a paste.

Harissa Butter

200g Harissa Paste
200g Marvello Butter Flavoured Spread
20g Thyme, chopped
70g Parsley


  • Place all ingredients into a food processor and mix to a paste.
  • Use 40g of Marvello Butter Flavoured Spread per steak. Either freeze them in moulds for easy use or place in a piping bag for service.

Pap Chips

400g Mielie Meal
150g Marvello Butter Flavoured Spread
6g Thyme, chopped
500ml Water, cold
1lt Water, boiling Hot in a pot

  • Place mielie meal in cold water and stir into a paste
  • In a pot bring 1 litre of water to a boil with Marvello Butter Flavoured Spread and Seasoning
  • Place mielie meal paste into water and whisk until smooth
  • Place in silicone mould 28cm x 21cm and set
  • Cut into chip shapes and deep fry for service
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