The Saxon Hotel’s fine dining restaurant, Grei, which is headed up by the 2018 Eat Out Nederburg Rising Star Award Chef Candice Philip, has a new menu. Just in time for Joburg’s winter, the Hibernal menu continues the restaurant’s unique concept of fine dining. Grei focuses on the organic and heirloom produce available from the Saxon’s rooftop garden, pairing proteins with the fresh produce. Herbs from the garden are used throughout the menu, adding a beautiful accent to each dish.

“I love winter and the bold flavours we are using throughout this menu. I feel that if winter had a taste, it has been perfectly emulated in Hibernal,” says Chef Candice. So what’s on the menu? The menu is a six-courses, paired with a combination of international and local wines. There is also a non-alcoholic pairing option as well as vegetarian- and pescatarian-suited menus. Chef Candice brings elements of the unusual to Grei’s dining experience – from the spelling of the restaurant’s name, the menu layout all the way through to the paired ingredients in the dishes.

“Since joining the Saxon, I’ve been privileged to work alongside some of the country’s best Chefs – including Chef David Higgs and Chef Luke Dale Roberts,” she says. “I’m excited to bring my own long-held vision to life in the form of Grei. I really want people to come and appreciate what we’re doing – to take the time and enjoy the journey.”

Take a look at what Grei’s diners can expect this winter from Chef Candice Philip and her team on the Hibernal menu:

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