Chef Marvin Robyn has joined the team at Grande Provence as Head Chef of The Restaurant at Grande Provence, bringing a new energy together with his unique take on heritage cuisine.

The restaurant now offers a Heritage Tasting Menu for dinner guests, with dishes such as Malay onions, smoked snoek and fish kaiings; Ox tongue with sweet mustard and pickled butternut; lamb rump, morogo and rooibos jus; and springbok rump with mielie pap, chakalaka, buchu and honey jus.

The Stellenbosch-born chef, who used to help his grandmother in the kitchen with her catering business, started out in the scullery of a local restaurant. One day, though, his chef was ill, and he stepped in to take control of the breakfast shift. His talent and enthusiasm were rewarded by local NGO Stellenploy who awarded him a bursary to the Institute of Culinary Arts – he later graduated with distinction and went on to gain experience working at restaurants such as Delaire Graff, Equus at Cavalli, Cuvée at Simonsig and Makaron at Majeka House, the latter two restaurants working together with Chef Lucas Carstens, a man he considers to be his mentor.

As an avid fisherman, Marvin loves working with fresh seafood above all else. In his free time when he’s not cooking up a storm in the Grande Provence kitchen, you’ll find him surf fishing off the beach or fishing from the rocks. He also loves catching up with his chef friends, sharing ideas and exploring new horizons.

Q&A Quickfire with Chef Marvin

What would your last meal on earth be? Freshly caught crayfish on the fire

Most underrated ingredient? Celeriac

Most overrated trend? Fermentation of vegetables

The best thing you’ve eaten? Diver Scallops

The worst thing you’ve eaten? Tripe

A mistake or event in the kitchen that changed your perspective? Not a personal experience although a learning curve – a past employee slipping his hand in the juicer. Definitely taught me to be safer and cautious when handling equipment in a fast-paced environment.

What makes you excited to get up in the morning? My supporting team and seeing the smiles on our guests’ faces after a delectable meal.

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