Head Chef Jack Coetzee continues his farm-to-plate philosophy with a new autumnal menu that aims to take diners on a memorable culinary journey. Each of the courses has been paired with wines from Quoin Rock, where Gåte is situated.

Dishes include Springbok Carpaccio, made with springbok loin. The lean cut is best enjoyed raw, and is cured in coffee and cardamom and then marbled with pumpkin powder.  In the Tuna Cannelloni, the skin of the fish plays a lead role. When cooked, the skin takes on the same texture as fresh pasta, which inspired Jack to turn it into a cannelloni-style dish that uses the tuna in many ways. The Rhubarb and Mascarpone dessert finish off the meal. The rhubarb is poached in a gluhwein made from the Quoin Rock red blend and then turned into a mousse.

The restaurant is open for lunch Wednesday to Sunday, and Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for dinner.

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