Launched just over a year ago, Gåte at Quoin Rock is known for offering creative molecular gastronomy, and now adds an extra facet with cocktail and tea pairings.

The seven signature drinks are paired with the evening dining experience, and includes a signature welcome drink – a gold-dusted flute with Campari and sour apple topped with MCC. Each cocktail is paired with a dish and designed around the flavours in the meal, with inspiration coming from Italy, France, Canada, Austria, Japan, Greece, and Namibia. Ingredients include Aperol. Martell Cognac, White Port, Sake, and Namysto Strawberry Wine.

The cocktails have been created by Molecular Bars, and Dino Batista, Director of Molecular Bars says; “Our big goal when it came to creating the seven signature cocktails along with an arrival drink was to ensure that patrons have a memorable experience, specifically when they get to the last couple of courses. Creating smaller portions with beautiful flavour profiles was our aim.”

For those avoiding alcohol, Gåte offers the option of serving their seven signature cocktails as mocktails. And, for the more health-conscious, there are tea pairings to consider.

For an evening of dining and drinks pairings, the seven signature cocktails will set you back by R650 and daytime diners can order cocktails separately at R115-R160 per drink.

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