New head chef Farrel Hirsch has loads in store for diners at Greenhouse this winter, with two menu options available – the full tasting Journey menu comprising 9 courses, or the less extensive Discovery experience. “With our winter experience, the aim is to continue the Greenhouse’s sterling reputation for sourcing unusual, meaningful ingredients and lending them an extraordinary treatment,” Hirsch comments.

The menu features a number of South African elements – from the gourmet mielie pap served with Springbok and the locally-sourced boerenkaas cheese featured in the delicate cheese-and-tomato “sandwich”, to the Klippies and Coke dark chocolate truffles and local MCC Brut in the palate cleanser.

Unconventional plating is used to fabulous effect in a dish titled ‘The Butcher Bird’s Pantry’ – quail tacos and truffle-stuffed quail eggs are plated up on a dish mimicking the Acacia thorn bush that a Fiscal Shrike spears its insect kills on. New dishes include include an inspired pork Confit that melds French cooking techniques with Asian tasting notes, and bao buns to soak up the flavourful ponzu sauce that is served on the side. The pb & j dessert is also new on the menu – tiny elder flowers dot the surface of a peanut brittle round that encases a frozen peanut butter mousse resting on a tart berry compote. It comes with a “glass of milk” – a shot of milky ice topped with foam.

To take a look at some of the dishes on the winter menu, browse below. For more information on Greenhouse restaurant, click here.

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