Non Profit Organisation Rise Against Hunger (RAH) received a substantial donation of R250 000 from GrandWest to assist with providing meals for 29 Early Childhood Development (ECD).

GrandWest initially committed a sum of R200 000 but, following a visit to each of the Centres, and after conducting a needs assessment, GrandWest’s SED committee felt compelled to inject a further R50 000 into the initiative.

Each Centre will receive enough food to keep their youngsters fed for four months, and each meal pack includes non-perishable dry foods such as rice, lentils, dried vegetables, soup mix and vitamins.

In addition to food packs GrandWest is also working with two local schools to create and sustain food gardens.

Riverton Primary School and Zandvliet High School vegetable gardens.In December 2020 Riverton Primary School and Zandvliet High School became beneficiaries of GrandWest’s sandwich drive to alleviate the strain placed on their current feeding programmes, but a decision was taken to establish food gardens for both schools.

With an investment of R35 000 both schools now have JoJo water tanks, composting facilities and thriving gardens that produce an abundance of fresh, wholesome food to supplement other feeding supplies. Crops include spinach, cabbage, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, celery, lettuce and beans.

GrandWest General Manager Mervyn Naidoo said, “For us it’s crucial that children receive at least one good meal a day. We all know how hard it is for an adult to concentrate when they’re hungry, and this is so much worse for young children whose minds and bodies are still developing. GrandWest will continue to make every effort to assist organisations who provide nutrition to youngsters.”

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