Just in time for Heritage Day, a public holiday which sees most South Africans spending some time around the braai, Fry’s has launched its first plant-based Boerewors! This new addition to the Fry’s family joins another new product – the Big Fry Burger.

The Boerewors and Burger are in the Big Fry range – both look and sizzle like meat, but are 100% plant-based with some pretty awesome health benefits. The Boerewors has 19g of plant protein per sausage, the burger 20g per 112g patty – both of which are higher than the traditional meat version, but with none of the associated cholesterol.  Both Big Fry products are made up of a blend of plant proteins and are really made for the braai – as the only two Fry’s products that are uncooked, they’ll need to prepared differently.

“Boerewors on the braai is such an important South African past time, we knew that this new sausage would have to hold its own in the face of some very strong scrutiny. But we were inspired by the extraordinary responses we got for our Big Fry Burger,” says Tammy Fry.

We were lucky enough to try both boerewors and burger when Kaylee’s restaurant in Bedfordview dropped off a sample as lunch. The boerewors really does do a remarkable job of mimicking traditional meat boerewors, as does the burger – the mouthfeel of ground beef, juiciness and the flavours were pretty spot on! The boerewors came in a boerie roll, with a sweet mustard sauce, caramelised balsamic onions and Jalapenos, while the burger was topped with a vegan mayonnaise-based sauce, tangy with pickle and sweet relish, finely chopped onions and a touch of vinegar and tomato sauce.

“The team have outdone themselves with this one,” says Tammy of the boerewors. “Fry’s have really gone beyond the impossible to create a plant-based counterpart to something that is so authentically South African.”

We think these are great options for restaurants to add to their veggie and vegan menus – if you’d like to give it a bash this Thursday, the burger is already in stores and the boerewors is currently being rolled out.

Big Fry

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