There’s a growing demand for plant-based protein products, and The Fry Family Food Co has added a new innovation to its list of products – fish-style fillets. The product has the same look, feel and texture as fish, and can also be cooked in the same way. It mimics a traditional fish-and-chips style fish fillet; coated in a crispy batter, it’s a source of protein and Omega 3, has added flaxseed oil and is cholesterol free.

“The Fry Family Food Co. is obviously very focused on introducing consumers to plant-based, cruelty-free products, so it made complete sense to add a fish-style product,” says Tammy Fry, the eldest daughter of the Fry Family and International Marketing Director of the Fry Family Food Co. She adds that there is also an environmental benefit to the product: “Currently, we are taking fish out of our oceans in a way that is too fast for supplies to replenish sufficiently. Inefficient fishing practises also kill billions of unwanted fish and other creatures like dolphins, marine turtles, seabirds and sharks, that are caught in the nets. As more and more species are lost, massive imbalances occur. These destabilisations of ecosystems have a ripple effect, impacting our lives sometimes in subtle ways, and other times in very scary and tangible ways.”

In addition to the new Fish-Style Fillets, Fry’s has also relaunched their Battered Prawn-Style Pieces with a new and improved recipe.

Fry’s Fish-Style Fillets are currently available at a recommended selling price of R39.99.

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