Chef Candice Philip, Head Chef of the Saxon Hotel’s Five Hundred Restaurant, has created a masterpiece. Her vegetarian dish of Pea Wasabi Mousse has been nominated as one of Design Indaba’s 10 Most Beautiful Objects in South Africa. The dish was nominated by Veejay Archary & Marisa Holley of Black Africa Group, describing it as “something [they had] never seen before”.

The dish combined a number of elements, including peas, asparagus, wasabi, lemon crème and parsnip fudge, and the memorable dish has certainly not been forgotten by nominator Veejay Archary a year after he tasted it: “You remember it for years later, for aesthetic reasons but also for the way that it tastes.”

“My nomination was a huge surprise and totally unexpected,” says Candice. “The fact that [the dish] was nominated on [its] ability to haunt someone’s memory is hugely inspiring, very special and a complete honour.”

Design Indaba is calling on the public to vote online for their favourite item, so to see the full list of 10 finalists, including a great video on Candice’s dish, click here (link to: ) and to vote, click here (link to: ) and follow the ‘Vote Now’ button.

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