The Delheim Wine Farm is well-known for the cupcake and wine pairing experience it offers in its tasting room, and now the farm has introduced four new fynbos-flavoured cupcakes to its tasting experience. The new offering pays tribute to experience pays tribute to the Cape floral kingdom as well as the farm’s eco-friendly farm practice.

The four cupcakes and their pairings are:

Fynbos Honey Cupcake: Paired with the Delheim Merlot and highlighting the wine’s blueberry and plum notes, the cupcake is made using locally-produced Cape coast honey, and a honey-sweetened cream cheese icing.

Honeybush Cupcake: Incorporating honeybush tea leaves, with a plain cream icing, the honeybush cupcake showcases the flavours of apple, citrus and stone fruit that come through in the Delheim Chardonnay Sur Lie – profiling sweet and fruity notes of the floral blooms with a vegetative tinge.

Buchu Cupcake: Paired with the Delheim Gewurztraminer, the Buchu Cupcake is made using a highly concentrated tincture by Durban-based herbal laboratory Phyto-Force. The icing is cream cheese and lemon flavoured, and the cupcake pairs beautifully with the wine’s aromas of orange blossom, Turkish delight and lychee.

Rooibos Cupcake: Extracted rooibos espresso is used for this cupcake, which is then topped with a cream cheese and cinnamon icing. It’s paired with the Delheim Pinotage, which shows clove, Asian spice and dark berry flavours.

The Delheim Wine & Fynbos Cupcake pairing is priced at R120 per person, and booking is encouraged. For more information, visit

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