Covid is going to be with us for a while, so the De Hoop Collection has launched a marketing campaign that focuses on all the activities that you can do while staying at the private nature reserve, rather than all the things that guests can no longer do thanks to Covid.

The reserve is about 3 hours drive from Cape Town in the Southern Cape, and it certainly is taking advantage of its pristine setting that allows guests to easily socially distance. With a wonderful restaurant – The Fig Tree – and numerous facilities, there’s loads of things to do across the Reserve.

Here are just a few of the things that De Hoop is highlighting.

  • Home Schooling: There are many educational opportunities for children – marine walks and nature drives, Nature Quests, with picnic lunches, sundowner and Campfire School,  stargazing with smores, scorpion hunts with the great De Hoop guides.
  • Remote Working: Work remotely or take a business breakaway trip to De Hoop by booking the Opstal Suites and running small conferences in the Cloete Room.
  • Mountain Biking: rent a mountain bike (or bring your own) and head out on one of the many trails and cycling routes.  Look out for dates for training camps for cyclists and runners for MTB and Trail participants. The 2021 De Hoop Vlei MTB is scheduled to take place from 20 to 22 August 2021.
  • Walking Trails and hiking: walk the 17km-long De Hoop Vlei trail, a stimulating and inspiring exploration of the vlei and the magnificent De Hoop Coastal Reserve. Small hiking groups or family hiking groups (for varying different fitness levels) can be arranged with lunch and a guide, or alternatively get a map of the trails and a picnic basket can be organised for you to enjoy along the way. De Hoop’s annual Whale of Trail is scheduled for 31 July 2021.
  • Whale Watching: the Southern Right whales come here during their breeding season (end May through to December). Every year from around June the Southern Right whales leave their icy feeding grounds in Antarctica and head for African shores, particularly favouring the De Hoop marine reserve in the Western Cape.  This 71 km stretch of coastline ranks as the most important nursery area for right whales worldwide, where they give birth, nurture their calves and engage in mating and social behavior. The whales come so close to the shore at Koppie Alleen that you can spend hours watching them.
  • Interpretive marine walks: De Hoop Reserve is one of the world’s most pristine rocky shores with the largest biodiversity of intertidal creatures anywhere in the world and is home to 11 of southern Africa’s 18 limpet species. Explore the intertidal biodiversity at Koppie Alleen’s rocky shore and discover the extraordinary diversity of life in the tidal pools.
  • Workshops: Creative Writing workshops, Yoga Weekends, Photography and Art workshops, bridge weekends – customised ‘specials’ can be arranged for the group.

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