Chef David Higgs has been keeping fans and followers entertained via his social media channels during lockdown, and he has now launched his own YouTube cooking channel and series Dave’s Kitchen. The first episode focuses on tomato sauce for every occasion.

The series will include David’s’ 84 cooking videos produced during lockdown, which showcase a variety of easy-to-make recipes for home enjoyment. Since the start lockdown, David has grown his Instagram following, showing a fun quirkier side with his “#whatsinyourfridge” challenge and “daily dem” masterclass. This will now be extended to “Dave’s Kitchen” on YouTube.

“It’s been an incredible experience getting to show people the dishes I grew up with, and the classic ones that I’ve been taught over the years – and the best part is, it’s now inspiring other people to experiment with home-cooking,” says David. “The channel will highlight local ingredients and suppliers, and also incorporate aspects of local fashion, music and art – something I am really excited about.”

The channel also allows viewers to support the Marble Group’s staff support fund which sees all proceeds from the sale of David’s cookbook, Mile 8: A book about cooking, go towards the fund to support the teams at Marble and Saint restaurants.

“We’ve been amazed by the response and support that we have received for our fund, and we are so grateful,” David says. “With the series we hope to build on this and continue supporting our Marble and Saint family.”

Fans of David can like and subscribe to Dave’s Kitchen on YouTube and expect more questionable fashion choices, terrible spelling, great hats and easy recipes.

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